Taming of the shrew close read

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Taming of the shrew close read

But here the setting fits so well that it teases new meanings and resonances out of a well-known text.

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More Reviews West End Review: The audience sits on both sides of the runway-like stage, creating a very effective intimacy with the performers. We are in the main room of a dingy country hotel; wooden chairs and tables sit atop fabulously tacky linoleum flooring, with two structures on either end representing the kitchen and bar set and costume designer Monica Frawley is in excellent form.

Baptista, played with lovable irascibility by Barry McGovern, is the hotelier, which gives him status in the community and the ability to sell off his daughters with healthy dowries. Simone Kirby plays Bianca not as the usual pretty innocent, but as a dim-witted opportunist who toys with the affections of all her suitors.

In an excellent second-act scene, Bianca finally embraces her eventual husband, Lucentio, and the explosion of sexual tension is such that she ends up snogging his sidekick Tranio as well, who then shares a hot kiss with Lucentio.

This implies quite credibly that homoerotic desire might underline the master-servant relationship Tadhg Murphy and Rory Keenan play this element particularly well and underlines the overall repressiveness of the society being described.

Owen Roe is a swaggering delight as Petruchio, getting laughs even before he speaks for his macho shimmy as he enters the bar and surveys the new territory to be conquered.

Taming of the shrew close read

However funny his performance, though, he also gives the impression that the character so lusts for power that he might actually have gone a bit crazy. Petruchio seems delighted by this: The detailed evocation of this final country wedding scene is wonderful: The laughter is rich because the social observation is so precise.

A Rough Magic production of a play in two acts by William Shakespeare.

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Directed by Lynne Parker. Opened March 6, Subscribe to Variety Today.HOME; Legit; Reviews; March 19, AM PT The Taming of the Shrew Setting Shakespeare's comedy of marital hijinx in early s rural Ireland produces unexpectedly rich theatrical dividends.

The Taming of the Shrew is a comic play written by William Shakespeare around and first published in Jul 24,  · Taming and the Shrew JPG. Kaia Hillier, Eva Andrews, Mickey Jordan and Jacquelle Davis, with Colin Trevor peeking out from the rear, in Experience Theatre Project's adaptation of Shakespeare's.

When you strip The Taming of the Shrew of its comic sub-plot, in which a bevy of lovers in disguise woo a beauty, and focus on the bare bones of the story of wildcat Katherine and her "tamer" Petruchio, Shakespeare's early play looks like a nasty piece of work.

Indeed, critics and academics have spent much of the past century denouncing it as .

Taming of the shrew close read

The Taming of the Shrew Fire-hearted Kate isn’t first on any suitor’s list. But her father has sworn no man will wed his favored daughter, Bianca, until Kate is led away to the altar herself – kicking and screaming.

The Taming of the Shrew is a play that thinks a great deal about theater itself. This kind of self-reflexivity and theater about theater (often called meta-theater), allows the .

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