Reading harry potter critical essays

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Reading harry potter critical essays

Although Marxist literary criticism has largely gone out of style, concepts such as Althusser's are still relevant and can still be applied to texts both old and new. A text which invites such criticism is the Harry Potter novel series by J.

While much could be said of the ideology of the wizarding world at Reading harry potter critical essays in these novels, as well as the ideology of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in particular, this essay will focus on the way in which the house system, including the school Sorting Hat, functions as an Ideological State Apparatus, and ramifications of this idea, particularly as they apply to Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Tom Riddle.

Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatuses Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary defines ideology as "a systematic body of concepts, especially about human life or culture.

I, as a student, pay my university a lot of money so that I can do homework, write essays, attend sometimes-boring lectures, and take exams. I work at an unfulfilling job for which I am dismally overqualified, making far too little money, in order to afford this.

Yet my ideology says that I am getting an education, which is both a privilege and a blessing.

The essays in this collection assume that Rowling's works should not be relegated to the categories of pulp fiction or children's trends, which would deny their certain influence on th. 1 online resource ( p.). Reading Harry Potter Author: Giselle Liza Anatol ISBN: Zadie Smith: Critical Essays is a timely collection of critical articles examining how Zadie Smith’s novels and short stories interrogate race, postcolonialism, and identity. Essays explore the various ways Smith approaches issues of race, either by deconstructing notions. Jan 01,  · Excellent compendium of essays about the first few Harry Potter books. Essays have various topics and include an analysis of Wizarding Law, a study of child development and Harry Potter, and the significance of Hogwarts students being divided into houses/5.

The work I do is not terribly enjoyable, but it is important, and my coworkers are nice, so the job is one worth keeping. Thus I am contented Reading harry potter critical essays my lot, and continue to be a productive member of society if you can call being an English graduate student being a productive member of society, that is.

Another example might be in the ideology of teaching. The reality of teaching is not very appealing. You spend long hours each day attempting to hammer knowledge into the heads of unenthusiastic students.

Most of the time your position is one of glorified babysitter. In addition to eight hours each day of class time, you usually arrive early and leave late, and still have to bring work home.

You are required to take additional classes for "continuing education" purposes, even after you have obtained your degree and license, and are often required to take exams to prove your competence. And to top it all off, you have to deal with parents who cannot understand why their children are not absolutely perfect in every way, and who blame you for any fault in their students' performance.

And for all this you get paid next to nothing. Yet your ideology, which has been instilled in you both as a student yourself and in your teacher training courses, tells you that teaching is the noblest profession in the world, that nothing is more important than educating our children and securing our future, and that the intangible rewards of teaching more than compensate for the low pay.

This ideology, however, is not seen as such by the person who lives it. To them it is merely reality. It is, in fact, not only difficult but nearly impossible for any of us to identify our own ideologies as such. It is generally only from the outside that ideologies may be analyzed, which is why we often find ourselves investigating the ideologies depicted in literature rather than attempting to examine our own.

Creating and reproducing an ideology is the easiest way for a State to keep the populace in line, and for the state to reproduce the means of keeping itself solvent what Althusser terms "the means of production".

Althusser's theory allows for two ways to control the populace and reproduce the means of production: Their job is to reproduce the ideology of the State in the populace, so that citizens remain functioning and productive members of society. It is actually through the means of the ISAs rather than the RSA that the most successful societies reproduce themselves.

These ISAs allow an ideology to be lived rather than simply believed, thus giving the ideology a material existence. The main mechanism by which ideologies instill themselves in people's lives is what Althusser calls the hail.

In the simplest terms, the hail identifies an individual as a subject of the system.

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The individual, by responding to the hail, accepts this place as a subject. The hail therefore gives the illusion that the subjection was a choice, and that the subject is a free agent of the system. ISAs in the Wizarding World We can see how this system works more clearly by examining it in a functioning society.

In the Harry Potter novels, the wizarding world is a self-contained society within what we would consider the normal "Muggle" world. In Britain at least and we can assume in other places, given the glimpses of wizarding government in other countries afforded by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firewizards have their own government the Ministry of Magictheir own laws such as the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcerytheir own police the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and other branches of the Ministrytheir own communication system owl post, newspapers like the Daily Prophet, magazines like Witch Weekly, and the Wizarding Wireless Networktheir own transportation system broomsticks, Apparition, the Floo Networktheir own art and literature wizarding paintings, books such as The Invisible Book of Invisibility and, of course, their own educational system Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Many of these elements fall under the category of the RSA, but there are also many ISAs at work in the wizarding world.

Reading harry potter critical essays

Hogwarts functions as one of the most important of these: Much could be said about the structure of wizarding society and the ways in which it controls its populace, but that is not the focus of this essay. For even within the larger system, there are sub-ideologies present.

After a young witch or wizard is hailed as a subject to this hidden society by means of the Hogwarts letter, another type of hailing takes place: These houses, as Professor McGonagall explains in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, shape the destiny of the young witch or wizard.

You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room.Written and edited by—and for—members of the Harry Potter generation, these essays demonstrate this generation’s passionate engagement with the Harry Potter phenomenon and provide numerous critical insights into the individual novels and the series as a whole.

Reading Harry Potter Author: Giselle Liza Anatol ISBN: Zadie Smith: Critical Essays is a timely collection of critical articles examining how Zadie Smith’s novels and short stories interrogate race, postcolonialism, and identity. Essays explore the various ways Smith approaches issues of race, either by deconstructing notions.

Reading harry potter critical essays

Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture,) Doc Free Download Download Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays .

significant the experience of reading Harry Potter was in relation to the students [ growth as readers, and d) whether this experience was as shallow as its critics argued, or something else.

Karen Manners Smith, “Harry Potter’s Schooldays: J. K. Rowling and the British Boarding School Novel,” in Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays () Oh, the joys of genre. Background: Because I’m a massive nerd, when, a few months back, I was looking around on the Internets for something or other relating to Harry Potter, I came.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Giselle Anatol and others published Reading Harry Potter Again: New Critical Essays.

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