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All the talks are online to watch for free. You can also download the image above under a CC license. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was formed in the UK inand in it began a series of Easter Marches from Aldermaston in Berkshire to the centre of London, calling on the British government to unilaterally disarm.

These marches took place over several days, and attracted tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life — but particularly from the Left, the trade unions, and from religious groups.

Ina number of senior CND activists decided that more direct methods than peaceful marches were necessary to capture the imagination of the press and public policy, and decided to embark on a campaign of nonviolent direct action.

The resultant organisation was called the Committee of — named for the hundred signatories on its founding document. One of their first actions was a sit-down protest by several thousand people at the Ministry of Defence in — led by Bertrand Russell, at centre here with his wife Edith, who had formerly been president of CND.

The Committee of maintained their nonviolence but over the years hundreds of members were arrested, and many imprisoned. They also had some quite innovative projects, such as the Voice of Nuclear Disarmament. The five activists broke into RSG-6, photographed the buildings and copied down documents.

The identities of several of them are not known to this day. The pamphlet was released just before the Easter weekend ofand it included complete maps of the locations of the RSGs.

But the real damage was to the reputation of the government, and its public statements about nuclear war. Up to this point it had been stated publicly that a nuclear war was defendable and winnable, while secretly preparing for its devastating aftermath.

This duplicity was unmasked by the Spies for Peace, and had an incalculable effect on changing the narrative around nuclear weapons — from a weapon of the state which was controlled in the service of the citizenry, to a weapon which was essentially uncontrollable, and which could be used by anyone, to destroy everyone.

Like many, I have been fascinated and appalled by the revelations which have followed from the release of NSA documents by Edward Snowden. There was a quantity and visuality to the release itself which was sufficient to bring the attention of the world to bear on it.

If you look at the situation we are in now, a couple of years after the Snowden revelations, most if not all of the activities which they uncovered have been, if not secretly authorised already, signed into law and continued without much fuss.

Over Black Friday? Take a free class to fix your old stuff instead Both sides, especially on social media, go into their respective corners and essentially do not come out. Both sides do it — you know this is gonna be good.
Thank You Notes for Boss: Messages and Quotes to Say Thanks – Sms Text Messages By Karen Schumacher Sen.
Welcome to Reddit, On Wednesday, President Donald Trump's White House will host its first iftar, the sundown meal that breaks fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. For some American Muslims, it's also time to break out the horror-movie memes.
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Welcome come on in Share For most people I know, Thanksgiving is not about celebrating Pilgrims or acknowledging the history surrounding the holiday. Rather, it is about spending time with friends and family, being thankful for loved ones, for having the day off work, and, of course, about stuffing oneself silly.

As Trevor Paglen has said: Wikileaks and the NSA have essentially the same political position: One legitimises the other. Transparency is not enough — and certainly not when it operates in only one direction. This process has also made me question my own practice and that of many others, because making the invisible visible is not enough either.

A couple of years ago I was on a wild goose chase trying to find the people who appear in CGI architectural renderingsand for reasons that are much too complicated to go into here, I found myself at the Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, which looks admirably science-y and education-y when you drive past it.

But it is basically a museum of bombs. Basically, every single way you could deliver an atomic weapon.Understanding the current environmental hazards, it has become a necessity to ban plastic bags in Nepal.

It will help to make our environment clean as well as to provide substantial number of green jobs, like making cotton and other bio-degradable shopping bags to the disadvantaged segment of the society.

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