Ethical dilemma worksheet law enforcement scenario

This is something that it will not hold in court because the husband was not driving the vehicle at the time of the test. Identify each claimant key actor who has an interest in the outcome of this ethical issue. From the perspective of the moral agent-?

Ethical dilemma worksheet law enforcement scenario

Ethical Dillemma Worksheet 1. What is the ethical issue or problem?

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Identify the issue succinctly. What are the most important facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision presented? Include any important potential economic, social, or political pressures, and exclude inconsequential facts. The fact that the first report had said the officers only felt the vehicle with a warm hood, and only witnessed the husband walk up to the home.

Is the first report really had not been signed off it may have been because they would not have a case given that the officers did not witness the husband actually driving the vehicle.

Given that, the husband would have won the case and socially and politically it would show weakness within the department, because the officers made an arrest without meeting certain criteria for arrest.

Ethical dilemma worksheet law enforcement scenario

The second report had stated different, that the officers witnessed the husband driving and park as they pulled up. Identify each claimant key actor who has an interest in the outcome of this ethical issue.

From the perspective of the moral agent—the individual contemplating an ethical course of action—what obligation is owed to the claimant? Claimant key actor Obligation owed to the claimant Perspective What does the claimant hope will happen?

The officers Fidelity, justice The officers hope they will win the case of DWI, although they did not witness the husband driving. The husband Fidelity, beneficence Hopes to stay out of jail and win the case against him since he was not witnessed driving while intoxicated.

The wife Fidelity, beneficence Hopes to keep her husband out of jail. What are two alternatives for the scenario? One alternative can be a wild card that you ordinarily may not consider an option because of potential implications. Both should be within free will and control of the same moral agent.

Alternative A Alternative B Keep report number one and not file charges against the husband. Follow through with report number two, and file charges against the husband. Respond to the following questions based on your developed alternatives. Alternative A Alternative B What are the best- and worst-case scenarios if you choose this alternative?

Best-the husband will take this opportunity as a draw of luck and rehabilitate. The department and officers will not look bad for making an arrest without proper protocal. Worst- the truth will come to light and prosecutors and police officers are reprimanded for not telling the truth to begin with.

Will anyone be harmed if this alternative is chosen?

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If so, how will they be harmed? Consider families and derivative effects. Yes, citizens can be harmed if accidents occur should the husband continue to drive while intoxicated. The wife may continue to be battered by the intoxicated husband.

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The family may be harmed if the husband is arrested and he is the only source of income. The department may be harmed should the truth be known.St. Petersburg College Ethical Issues and Decisions in Law Enforcement Eileen LaHaie, Director ethical dilemma in law enforcement and community policing.

• Use logical decision-making skills to suggest a wise solution to the scenario under consideration. “Without civic morality communities perish; without personal morality their. Chapter 6: Challenges to Effective Policing – Worksheet 2. TRUE/FALSE. 1. All police departments practice incident-driven policing, which means that response time is .

Ethical Dilemma Worksheet CJA/ Version 3 1 University of Phoenix Material Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Incident Review 1. What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly.

The prosecutor is the moral agent. The ethical issue is that the first report does not say that the officers saw the suspect driving the vehicle, but the new report does%(8).

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Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma Part Two NRSV Ethical Decision Making in Health Care Grand Canyon University Today’s world is filled with endless controversial arguments, ethical debates, and a constant clashing of varying perspectives and outlooks.

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