Brandon teena

It is the true story of Teena Brandon, a young woman who is in the throes of a sexual identity crisis. She cuts her hair and dresses like a man to see if she can pass for one.

Brandon teena

Email Brandon Teena lived and loved as a man. For that, she paid with her life. Brandon was born female, but felt male inside. But to a few people in Nebraska, it is simply the sad tale of the child, sibling and friend they loved and lost.

Her mother, Joann, remembers she was handful at an early age. She switched her name, calling herself Brandon Teena, and started to date local girls, using her bulge to convince them that she was a boy. Her best friend, Sarah Lyons, says she took Brandon to a crisis center.

Individuals like her are described as transgendered. The criticism and rejection that transgender people face often result in feelings of shame, depression, secrecy and fear, and could lead to compulsive behavior. Brandon struggled with all those feelings and more. When girlfriends asked questions about gender, she made up complicated explanations.

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Her compulsive behavior consisted of forging checks and using them to buy gifts for girlfriends. ByBrandon faced multiple counts of theft and forgery. But what was perhaps more devastating to her was that most people in Lincoln knew the truth about who Brandon really was.

Brandon teena

So once again, Brandon started stealing, and a few days after her 21st birthday she was arrested and charged with forgery. Police, and the rest of Falls City, discovered she was not biologically male.

On Christmas Eve, they physically assaulted Teena. Later, she described the attack to law enforcement officials. He kicked me in the ribs. He stepped on my back. Then he picked me up by my coat, carried me out to the car. Sheriff Charles Laux, to whom Brandon reported the rape, was less than sympathetic.

In a audiotaped interview he conducted with Brandon, he seemed less interested in the crime than in the oddness of the victim sitting before him. His department questioned Nissen and Lotter but did not charge either man.

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Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. On December 31, , a year-old trans man named Brandon Teena was shot and stabbed to death near Falls City, Nebraska, by two other young men because he was trans.

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