An interpretation of straight aheads song straight ahead

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An interpretation of straight aheads song straight ahead

May 23rd, 8 replies Release Date: The album was released with 17 tracks in the US and most parts of the world, but the Australian and New Zealand releases contained a bonus track which is a cover of the Men At Work classic 'Down Under'. The album offers up 50 minutes of forceful, assertive Punk Rock and there are certainly some nuggets of gold nestled into the longest album Pennywise has ever released not including the live album and discounting the piano tribute from 'Full Circle'.

The most striking thing about Straight Ahead to long-time fans which I profess to be is the additional producing and refinement Darian Rundall has brought to the album.

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Rundall played a much larger role in the production, engineering and mixing of this album, and his influence is unmistakable. He had worked with Pennywise previously, being credited on 'Full Circle', but he took the reigns solely on Straight Ahead and was the chief mixer and sound engineer.

The result is a continuation of the refinement of the Pennywise sound established on 'Full Circle' as the band seemed to have found the best way to record and produce its songs.

Straight Ahead benefits from Rundall's increased influence and the fine line between polishing and fine-tuning a sound and over-producing it is walked with unwavering precision.

An interpretation of straight aheads song straight ahead

The album starts off with the socially-motivated 'Greed' in which Jim Lindberg discusses the insatiable desire and self-indulgence of the modern-day corporate world and society. Another politically-motivated song, the fast, no-nonsense feeling fashioned in the opening is carried throughout and it's a definite favourite of the infamous Pennywise mosh-pit.

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Jim is defiance and resistance personified in this song: I'm gonna make it on my own, Make my own philosophy, U. The lyrics are, however, rather generic and don't specifically say anything.

Rather, Jim just serves up throw-away line after throw-away line and consequently, lyrically this is one of the weakest songs on the album. Pennywise had been together for 11 years by the time Straight Ahead was released, so it is nothing more than one should expect. The drumming of Byron has been singled out for particular attention by critics as being the stand-out musical aspect of the band.

The coy drum intro brings an air of anticipation and this song certainly delivers on that. The correlation between the instruments on this track is particularly strong, and the track is one of Jim's strongest vocal efforts on the album.

A defining song of the album for many, the song shows the change in Pennywise's sound from 'Full Circle' and you can hear the difference Rundall has made most notably in the guitar and bass sound and the catchy chorus.

One of the faster and heavier songs from the album, it perhaps fails to encapsulate the feeling exuded in the menacing intro. So we come to the title-track, and one of the highlights of the album, 'Straight Ahead'.

The typically heavy Pennywise chorus is juxtaposed to the auspicious verse where Randy's ominous bass provides the backing for Jim's attack on the squandering and wastefulness of opportunity.

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